DART Lobbyist Works to Stop Texas High Speed Rail

DART, the public transit system in Dallas, supports a privately-funded  Texas high speed rail line connecting Dallas and Houston. At the same time, DART’s lobbyist Galt Graydon is in Austin working with Texans Against High-Speed Rail to kill the project. Almost as bad, DART says that’s ok. What???? Graydon tells the Dallas Morning News he cleared the […]

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Urban Studies

Can a Museum Curate Itself?

by Richard Risemberg July 2013–The Los Angeles County Museum of Art recently announced yet another winner in its seemingly accursed search for a new campus—a search that has been going on for too long now—or perhaps not long enough. The museum’s original buildings, a gathering of stately if terminally banal colonnaded cubes just west of […]


The Enduring San Antonio River Walk

When I was in graduate school and working at the City of Akron, officials there made a trip to San Antonio to see how that city had developed its River Walk. Many cities in the United States had canals, but that mode of transportation was replaced in the mid 19th century by railroads. More than a […]

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Cycling, Walking Make for Successful Neighborhoods in Los Angeles County

(By Greg Laemmle) Laemmle Theaters began as a chain of neighborhood theaters in 1938. Families would walk together to the theater and meet their neighbors on the way. Local retailers who were a part of the community reaped the benefits of this plentiful foot traffic. More than 75 years later, we still see encouraging Angelenos to […]

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In the City…30 March 2015

Last night, I left my airy Art-Deco apartment in Los Angeles’s Miracle Mile for the half-mile stroll to LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. LACMA hosts music and film as well as painting, photography, and sculpture, and on Sunday nights it has, for the past twenty-five years, presented classical music concerts in its […]

Is There Hope for a “Living Stadium” in LA?

By Richard Risemberg September, 2011–Los Angeles has been without a National Football League team for many many years now, having lost both the Rams and Raiders to other cities. In truth, the void has not really been noticeable, except in the traffic congestion that does not occur on what would be game days, and the city’s economy […]


By Richard Risemberg February, 2003–Recently, Los Angeles suffered another outbreak of stadiumitis (medical name is subsidy entitlement delusional disorder). It’s a disease that causes rich people to run around City Hall screeching repeatedly that if they are only given money, tax breaks, and infrastructure improvements in exchange for building a private, for-profit stadium, the city […]