“Our Own Day Here” Now in Paperback

E-books are a wonderful new way to make literature more accessible to more people, but, let’s face it, unless you have a good dedicated e-book reader, it’s much more satisfying (and easier on the eyes) to read on paper. And so, we now have SCN editor Rick Risemberg’s collection of urban essays, “Our Own Day […]

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Urban Studies

Can a Museum Curate Itself?

by Richard Risemberg July 2013–The Los Angeles County Museum of Art recently announced yet another winner in its seemingly accursed search for a new campus—a search that has been going on for too long now—or perhaps not long enough. The museum’s original buildings, a gathering of stately if terminally banal colonnaded cubes just west of […]


The Enduring San Antonio River Walk

When I was in graduate school and working at the City of Akron, officials there made a trip to San Antonio to see how that city had developed its River Walk. Many cities in the United States had canals, but that mode of transportation was replaced in the mid 19th century by railroads. More than a […]

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Cycling, Walking Make for Successful Neighborhoods in Los Angeles County

(By Greg Laemmle) Laemmle Theaters began as a chain of neighborhood theaters in 1938. Families would walk together to the theater and meet their neighbors on the way. Local retailers who were a part of the community reaped the benefits of this plentiful foot traffic. More than 75 years later, we still see encouraging Angelenos to […]

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The Last Day for my Panera Coupon

Things are getting complicated. Today was the last day to use my Panera Coupon. I had tried to use it previously, but was then informed it was a mobile coupon, only good for mobile orders. Previously the in-store kiosks had counted as mobile orders, but not this time. That doesn’t mean the order had to […]

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What Dallas Really Lacks

An interesting note from a news article today. The Dallas Morning News reports young people are choosing Austin, Houston and San Antonio over Dallas. The reasons are lack of close-in housing and lack of connectivity. Actually the transit here is much better than in Austin, San Antonio or Houston, and there’s plenty of apartment housing […]

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Portland, Oregon: the Multi-Modal City

December 2013–I last visited Portland, Oregon, in 2010, when my wife Gina and I rode Amtrak’s Coast Starlight north with our full-sized bikes in the baggage car. It was my first time back in Portland in nearly thirty years, and of course much had changed: Portland was already well on its way to becoming the […]