Why Copenhagen Works, and How It Learned to Live

Copenhagen also faced doomsayers and reactionaries when it decided to knock the car off its pedestal and dedicate its public spaces to people: pedestrians first, then bicyclist, then transit and cars. The result has been prosperity and happiness…and there’s no reason it can’t work anywhere. Even in the US…. Copenhagen’s Car-free streets & Slow-speed zones […]

Urban Studies

The Vast Waste Land

While the biotech industry’s PR flacks intone stern warnings that we must deploy their genetically-modified “seed products” to stave off world hunger, the real problem is food waste and political barriers to distribution. Food waste in particular: in the US, over 121 billion pounds of food is thrown away each year, largely because market chains […]


The Enduring San Antonio River Walk

When I was in graduate school and working at the City of Akron, officials there made a trip to San Antonio to see how that city had developed its River Walk. Many cities in the United States had canals, but that mode of transportation was replaced in the mid 19th century by railroads. More than a […]

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A Trip to Minneapolis and the Road to Bike Sharing

Arriving in Minneapolis was fraught with a few frustrations. The walk through the airport to a light-rail station without the need for a connecting bus was convenient enough. But with the skyline in sight, the train stopped. It seemed track work this weekend would mean we’d have to get a shuttle bus for the remainder […]

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The Parking Problem

Here’s a superb and good-natured little Streetsfilm giving a concise synopsis of how car parking became an American obsession, how it’s killing street life and urban economies, and finally how we can get the parking burden off our backs: It’s available from CityLab—with a typically excellent article by Sarah Goodyear—here: How Parking Spaces Are Eating […]

Yerba Mate

I commented to a friend from South America that it must be the wine and the coffee that keeps people alive there. It couldn’t be the food! He responded that its the Yerba Mate. I saw the containers for Yerba Mate when in Buenos Aires, but didn’t know what they were. While it’s traditionally served in […]

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Play It Again. . . .

While New York City has been pretty boldly moving ahead in making the Big Apple safer and more convivial, with bike lanes, traffic calming, transit enhancements, and such grand successes as the liberation of Times Square from death squads of manic drivers, here on the Left Coast, Los Angeles has moved with only the greatest […]