Los Angeles in a Few Words

Big. I’d use “very very big” but that would be three words. The thing is, the place is so huge that it takes a car, speeding non stop at 60mph, one-and-a-half hours to travel from one end to the other. It’s so huge that it, for all practical purposes, encompasses two entire counties. That’s big. […]

Urban Studies

Reform in Chicago: Pullman and Hull House

The Charles Hull mansion was built in 1856, in a sparsely populated rural area to the south of what was the Chicago city limits. By the time Jane Addams arrived in 1889, the Hull Mansion was in an urban setting. In the thirty years between the time Hull built his mansion and Jane Addams established […]

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The Enduring San Antonio River Walk

When I was in graduate school and working at the City of Akron, officials there made a trip to San Antonio to see how that city had developed its River Walk. Many cities in the United States had canals, but that mode of transportation was replaced in the mid 19th century by railroads. More than a […]

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A Trip to Minneapolis and the Road to Bike Sharing

Arriving in Minneapolis was fraught with a few frustrations. The walk through the airport to a light-rail station without the need for a connecting bus was convenient enough. But with the skyline in sight, the train stopped. It seemed track work this weekend would mean we’d have to get a shuttle bus for the remainder […]

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Other Recent Posts

Beyond Freeways IV: The Price to Pay

….and the Funny Money Proposed to Pay for expanding and Extending the SR-170/I-170 Freeway By Justin Gerdes | Photograph by Leila Dee Dougan In November 2008, Los Angeles County voters approved Measure R, a half-cent sales tax increase expected to generate up to $40 billion for transportation projects over 30 years. The measure was sold […]

Beyond Freeways III: Riding to the Rescue

…a Freeway Isn’t the Only Way By Justin Gerdes | Photography and additional reporting by Leila Dee Dougan On September 27, 2002, all 29 ports on the West Coast of the United States were shuttered. During the subsequent 10-day lockout, triggered by a contract dispute between port owners and the longshoremen’s union, an estimated $6.2 […]

Beyond Freeways II: The Beast that Eats Our Children

…Health Effects of the 710 Freeway By Justin Gerdes | Photograph and additional reporting by Leila Dee Dougan | Translations by Richard Risemberg Yolanda Lopez lives one block from Cesar Chavez Park and the neighboring Cesar Chavez Elementary School in Long Beach, California. The park is a postage stamp of green set amidst an otherwise […]