Altoona’s Famous Hot Dog

There’s something about using the name of another city or state to get people to buy your product. Philadelphia is used a lot, and so is New York. Still, it’s odd to be wandering through the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania and see a place called Texas Hot Dogs. Texas is a good name for a […]

By Thomas Pintaric (Pintaric) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Los Angeles in a Few Words

Big. I’d use “very very big” but that would be three words. The thing is, the place is so huge that it takes a car, speeding non stop at 60mph, one-and-a-half hours to travel from one end to the other. It’s so huge that it, for all practical purposes, encompasses two entire counties. That’s big. […]

San Francisco Cable Car

San Francisco in a Few Words

If I had only one hour to spend in San Francisco, I would walk from Washington Square up Telegraph Hill, stopping for a gelato and cappuccino, pass through narrow Varennes Street and up to the base of Coit Tower, admire the breezy view of the Bay and the white houses clinging precipitously to the edge […]