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A Bungalow Paradise

(by Barbara Nicholson) I had the wonderful fortune recently to visit Pasadena, California, for a day. While the allotted time didn’t enable me to see all of the city’s highlights, I was able to visit those places which most interested me. Pasadena is known, of course, for the Rose Bowl and the Rose Bowl parade, but […]

Big and Blue in the USA

(by James Howard Kunstler) Having just returned from a week in England where, among other things, walking more than ten yards a day is quite normal, I was once again startled by the crypto-human land whales waddling down the aisles of my local supermarket in search of Nabisco Snack-Wells, Wow chips, and other fraudulent inducements to […]

Cedar Ave Deutschtown

If We Change It, They Will Come

After living in the shadow of mass clearance projects for the last half-century, a small neighborhood on the North Side of Pittsburgh has bucked the bureaucratic current, transforming itself into an increasingly coveted cluster of Victorian homes by using a completely different renewal approach: One House at a Time. After the downtown area of Allegheny […]