Most Polluted Cities List Released

The American Lung Association has released its annual list of most polluted and cleanest cities. Nearly half of all Americans live in counties in the U.S. where ozone or particle pollutions levels make the air unhealthy to breath. The group says especially alarming is that levels of ozone (smog), a powerful respiratory irritant and the most widespread […]

Starbucks Scale

Capitalism Without a Conscience

(by Arianna Huffington) “Capitalism without a conscience”–such is the well-worn cliché that has become the mantra of the moment, as soothsayers from think tanks, the media, politics, academia, and even the business world assess the current wave of corporate scandals. I think what we’re seeing is actually just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. […]

Cabbage, Song, and Sunlight

(by Sally Chung) I woke up late on Saturday September 29, 2001 to a day I’d been looking forward to. Waking up early–that is, before noon–was struggle but I knew sleeping in wasn’t an option. So I told myself: all I had to do was roll out of bed, put on my clothes, grab my camera, […]

Blues for Green in Holland

(by Jane Holtz Kay) Water is to Holland as plains and hills are to America–a clean slate for future building. Yet, for all their plucky history in turning bog and sea into buildable land, the Netherlands’ dedication to urban and social planning is equally heroic. Rich in urban and environmental skills, Dutch architects and engineers have […]

Screening of The Human Scale

The Human Scale

A screening of the new film The Human Scale last night at Main Street Garden in Dallas brought out a hearty crowd. Patrick Kennedy of the North Texas Chapter of Congress for a New Urbanism posted that he expected 50, but 250 or so showed. “Then I worried people would leave but nobody budged,” Kennedy […]