Dallas Uptown Ciclovia

Early morning rain and the threat of it later in the afternoon likely kept many from attending the first Uptown Ciclovia. None-the-less, you have to start somewhere and many did make it out for the event. The route along Cedar Springs Road connected Klyde Warren Park with Katy Trail, the prized jewels in the city […]

Book Review: “Republic of Drivers: A Cultural History of Automobility in America”

Book review by Richard Risemberg One sometimes wonders how it is that the car became a sacrament in the United States, far more than in any other country, and how driving became a major ritual for ceremonializing the doctrine of “freedom.” Considering how it increasingly results in both structured and circumstantial restriction of actions, of […]

The Vast Waste Land

While the biotech industry’s PR flacks intone stern warnings that we must deploy their genetically-modified “seed products” to stave off world hunger, the real problem is food waste and political barriers to distribution. Food waste in particular: in the US, over 121 billion pounds of food is thrown away each year, largely because market chains […]

It Has Come to Soylent

I was fascinated after reading an article in The New Yorker, so I ordered Soylent. No, its probably not The End of Food. While Soylent could replace food entirely, its creators say its more likely that it will replace those quick, bad meals with a complete and filling nutrition drink.  You’ve heard the phrase some […]

Urban Alienation, and Community

I was just reading the thesis of a Dallas artist named Maryanne Meltzer. Her work dealt with alienation, and her thesis references the work of George Tooker and Edward Hopper. Both depict alienation in urban society, brought on by the industrial revolution. Today I think we see urban life as a respite from the alienation […]