Butter on the Cover of Time Magazine

Time has a cover story about butter which many may now believe is a health food. Here’s my take: Is butter better for you than margarine? Yes. Is butter on vegetables better for you than butter on bacon? Yes. Are plain vegetables better for you than vegetables with butter? Yes.

Downtown Bentonville

I saw a graphic on the Walkable DFW blog this morning that showed Vatican City super-imposed on a Dallas interchange. It occurs to me that most of Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas (home of Wal-Mart) could fit on this site of the proposed Sam’s Club in East Dallas. Perhaps Patrick can help us with a graphic on […]

Residents Oppose Megastore

About a hundred residents came out yesterday, mostly to voice opposition to a Sam’s Club in East Dallas. Labeled “East Village,” the development is adjacent to a popular urban-centric area known as West Village. ¬†Organizers expected a presentation by the developers, however the “meet and greet” format in a church basketball court became a more […]