Pigeons and Other City Birds

When I went to look for a new place to live recently, it was already occupied. This may seem strange as the previous owner had moved months ago. The occupants were animals–not mice or rats, but pigeons. Pigeons Many┬ápeople consider these birds to be pests. However, there’s something about this uniquely urban animal I like. […]

The Parking Problem

Here’s a superb and good-natured little Streetsfilm giving a concise synopsis of how car parking became an American obsession, how it’s killing street life and urban economies, and finally how we can get the parking burden off our backs: It’s available from CityLab—with a typically excellent article by Sarah Goodyear—here: How Parking Spaces Are Eating […]

Yerba Mate

I commented to a friend from┬áSouth America that it must be the wine and the coffee that keeps people alive there. It couldn’t be the food! He responded that its the Yerba Mate. I saw the containers for Yerba Mate when in Buenos Aires, but didn’t know what they were. While it’s traditionally served in […]

Play It Again. . . .

While New York City has been pretty boldly moving ahead in making the Big Apple safer and more convivial, with bike lanes, traffic calming, transit enhancements, and such grand successes as the liberation of Times Square from death squads of manic drivers, here on the Left Coast, Los Angeles has moved with only the greatest […]