In the City…30 March 2015

Last night, I left my airy Art-Deco apartment in Los Angeles’s Miracle Mile for the half-mile stroll to LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. LACMA hosts music and film as well as painting, photography, and sculpture, and on Sunday nights it has, for the past twenty-five years, presented classical music concerts in its […]


By Richard Risemberg February, 2003–Recently, Los Angeles suffered another outbreak of stadiumitis (medical name is subsidy entitlement delusional disorder). It’s a disease that causes rich people to run around City Hall screeching repeatedly that if they are only given money, tax breaks, and infrastructure improvements in exchange for building a private, for-profit stadium, the city […]

Ecological Footprint Increases

The Ecological Footprint of the world — a measure of people’s demand on nature — has begun climbing again after experiencing a 2.1 percent decline in 2009 during the recession, according to Global Footprint Network’s 2015 Edition of the National Footprint Accounts, released today. The world’s Ecological Footprint increased nearly 4 percent in 2010 and […]

Panera Coupon Dallas

The Last Day for my Panera Coupon

Things are getting complicated. Today was the last day to use my Panera Coupon. I had tried to use it previously, but was then informed it was a mobile coupon, only good for mobile orders. Previously the in-store kiosks had counted as mobile orders, but not this time. That doesn’t mean the order had to […]