New Orleans Streetcar

New Orleans Streetcar System Expanding

Construction is underway for an expanded New Orleans streetcar system. The project is part of a $3.5 billion effort to make over the city’s transit infrastructure. The  1.6 mile North Rampart Street/St. Claude Avenue New Orleans Streetcar Project will connect the route to an area adjacent to the French Quarter near Louis Armstrong Park. The New […]

Plastic Bag Bans Austin, Photo

Plastic Bag Bans Live On

It looks like at least some efforts to stop Californification in Texas will fail. Republicans in Texas may like local control when it comes to the federal government, but that doesn’t mean Texas cities can start enacting “California-style” laws locally. A plastic bag tax in Dallas is one example that isn’t sitting well with Governor […]

How To Make McDonald's Healthier, McDonalds in Philadelphia

How To Make McDonald’s Healthier

Advice for the World’s Largest Restaurant Consumers aren’t flocking to the golden arches like they used to. Media reports about lackluster performance at the restaurant chain as of late are numerous, and action taken by McDonald’s to simplify its menu and make it more healthy don’t seem to have what it takes to stem redirect […]