A New Scene at Farmer’s Market in Dallas

Dallas Farmers Market

The farmer’s market area in Dallas is quickly shaping up to be one of the city’s premiere urban areas. In addition to improvements in the food options in the market, it seems that dozens, even hundreds, of townhomes have sprung up as well as large apartment blocks that will include first floor retail.

A promised new light-rail line through downtown will better connect the area to the rest of the city. Although one of the proposed options would take out a few of the new townhomes.

The food court area was relatively busy on a rainy Saturday. We opted for the street tacos and some beignets (all sorts of combinations are possible in a place like this!). I noticed a fire-oven pizza place that wasn’t open and asked a woman at the Cajun place next door if it had closed or was expecting to open. She responded that none of these places would close. “We’re all in it to win it.”

She also said the restaurants stay busy at lunch time during the week, but nothing does much at dinner (it closes at 6 pm).

The former produce shed has roasted corn, coffee beans, prepared Greek food and Hawaiian plants. If I had one complaint about the market it’s that there are far fewer vegetables. That needs to improve.

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