Austin’s Boomtime

Austin is booming. I drove into the city Saturday and even someone from Dallas, which is no stranger to explosive development, can say “wow.” There’s definitely also an energy there, that I assume is coming from the clash of cultures, a relative affordability and troves of techies moving in from San Francisco. Plus there’s the foundation of weird and the thriving music scene, and its just the place to be.

Writers ponder which cities are better, but to me all cities are places in time and have to be looked at that way. Austin would be on my list of places to be now. Some of the places transplants are moving from have gotten so expensive its hard to imagine just how creativity can be fostered there. The best time to be in a place is when its changing the most, when the fire is hottest in the process of becoming.

Now may be an optimal time to be in the Texas capital of Austin.

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