Dallas Residents Fight Uptown Sams Club

Uptown in Dallas is about as urban and walkable as it gets here, and to many is a symbol of a better urban future. That’s why when an announcement that Sam’s Club was going in nearby, panic seemed to set it. The renderings didn’t show a better big box built for an urban environment, but rather the same sort of big box you’d find anywhere in suburbia.

It was a done deal, so we thought.

But now there’s talk of the zoning commission re-considering the case. So far nearly 2,000 have signed a petition to stop it. Most recently a staff analysis referred to the proposed development as “mixed-use.” It read “people on foot of bike can enjoy interesting storefronts at ground level with benches, public art, on-street parking and wide sidewalks, creating an appealing streetscape.”

That’s a striking contrast to the rendering showing Sam’s Club amidst an Oasis of parking lots.

Here’s the petition.

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