Transit Agencies, Employers Use Vanpools to Reduce Commuter Miles

Enterprise VanPool RideShare

Enterprise VanPool RideShareA new vanpool program can save time, save money, help facilitate commutes, and provide a missing link in urban transportation programs.

Enterprise Rideshare, a service of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, recently formed a new partnership with the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) to create and expand vanpool programs across the country.

The Vanpool Works program aims to make vanpool services easy for community and public transportation agencies of all sizes.

Many transportation agencies have already partnered to operate the program, and commuters wishing to see if there is a van running their commute can check at

“Vanpool works provides a service to those who are not going to use typical transit,” Dion Beuckman, Enterprise Rideshare corporate rental manager, tells Sustainable City News.

In many cases the program is publicly-funded, but in other cases the service is provided through a partnership with employers. Not only does it save on parking and miles driven, but it also be a pre-tax commuter benefit for employees.

Some cities offer their own Vanpool services. In Dallas, DART allows six to 15 people to share the ride to work for $335 a month, divided among all riders. DART supplies the van and insurance. The program offers an “emergency ride home” for two times a quarter for a $10 co-pay.

“Vanpooling is one of the most cost-effective transportation alternatives available today, and many communities could benefit from the expansion of these programs,” says Dale J. Marsico, director of CTAA. “Our partnership with Enterprise Rideshare will make the development of vanpool services easy, scalable and affordable for community and public transportation agencies of all sizes.”

Enterprise estimates that, based on an average commute of 50 miles per day, vanpools can save an individual rider up to $10,000 per year, when considering tolls, gas, vehicle maintenance costs and depreciation.

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