Does Extending Klyde Warren Park Make Sense?

Extending Klyde Warren Park in the Dallas Arts District towards the Perot Museum of Nature and Science seems like a no-brainer, but doesn’t seem like an easy task. Part of the park would need to be elevated if it were to extend much beyond Akard Street. Were there interest in expanding the park at the other end, towards the Winspear Opera House, a similar issue is encountered. It seems obvious the current park limits were chosen to accommodate the height of the highway. Extending it to Akard seems simple enough, however the amount of park you end up with for the expense would be minimal- and be on the other side of Pearl Street.

Extending the park is an idea with much support, and the current size has proven inadequate. It does seem like adding other parks elsewhere may go a longer way in providing additional parkland in the city. As previously mentioned, a platform park over Central Expressway near the Uptown DART station would have similar appeal.

A side note is that the area was once the site of Dallas’s Little Mexico neighborhood. El Phoenix was originally where the highway is, but relocated when it was built. That lot could also soon be re-developed.

Klyde Warren Park is behind us in the photo.

Klyde Warren Park Expansion

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