On Gluten

A funny clip went around on Facebook yesterday in which Jimmy Kimmel asks people who avoid eating gluten what it is. No one seems to know. I shared the link on Facebook, and it seems the hubbub is chalked up either to marketing, or  companies following consumers into the fad. Gluten of course is a real problem for those who have something called celiac disease, and I did read references on the web to something about the way the wheat has been genetically modified that doesn’t give with our paleo digestive systems. I also read however that people who try to eliminate gluten, miss out of fiber and a lot of vitamins. Yes, yes, it’s not only about what you eat, its about what you would be eating if you didn’t eat this or that.

We learn to trust certain sources to cut to an answer we can live with, however, and a search for Forks Over Knives and gluten brought up a page with tremendous insight and lots of research to back it up. It turns out avoiding gluten can lead to lots more animal product consumption, and we know without a doubt where that leads. I thought I’d share.

The Smoke and Mirrors Behind Wheat Belly and Grain Brain


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I used to buy fried gluten in health food stores forty years ago. The Mediterranean diet, famed for improving cardio health, is based on gluten, along with lots of vegetables. The Iroquois Confederacy, whose democratic representative government served in part as inspiration for the Constitution, attributed their social advancement (and their military strength) to their “holy trinity” of corn, beans, and squash, which freed them from nomadic scrabbling after game so they could build a cohesive and (relatively) peaceful culture.–with full equality for women.

Everything in moderation, food-wise. Gluten, if you’re not allergic to it (and very few are) is as good or as bad for you as any other plant food, depending mostly on how damn much you eat.

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