Just Another Campaign Announcement

Defense.gov photo Hillary Clinton Campaign Announcement

Still predicting a Clinton vs. Bush contest this election cycle, I was underwhelmed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign announcement video. She came across as someone we know and like, but not as a strong leader. Any real message in the video was contained in the images, not in the audio. While images can be powerful and effective, audio is what we most often remember. Even Reagan’s Morning in America, which had exceptional imagery, is more remembered for its title tagline.

To be fair, this is not a campaign advertisement per se, it was an announcement video. But what is the message? It’s spring, we’re growing tomatoes, my daughter is about to start kindergarden, we’re moving, my brother and I are starting a business, I’m going back to work, a baby boy is coming, I’m applying for a job, I’m getting married, I’m going to be in a play, I’m getting ready to retire, we’re doing a lot of home renovations, we want to teach our dog to quit eating the trash… and so we have high hopes for 2015, I’ve started a new career, this country was founded on hard work. Then appears Hillary saying despite these examples of everything being fine, the deck is stacked against us. (it would be fun to dub in Dick Cheney saying be very afraid).

There was not much in it to attack, besides the two scenes showing same-sex couples. There is not much to support either. It’s just a succession of normal everyday things going on, and Hillary appears at the end as a normal, everyday candidate. “Just Hillary” was my immediate word-association. But could you ever say Just Margaret Thatcher? Just Angela Merkel? Even just Diane Feinstein?

Maybe she’ll come off as just another president, and maybe that’s all she needs to be. But I can’t imagine that’s what many voters are looking for.


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