How To Make McDonald’s Healthier

How To Make McDonald's Healthier, McDonalds in Philadelphia

Advice for the World’s Largest Restaurant

Consumers aren’t flocking to the golden arches like they used to. Media reports about lackluster performance at the restaurant chain as of late are numerous, and action taken by McDonald’s to simplify its menu and make it more healthy don’t seem to have what it takes to stem redirect the ship.

It’s not an easy problem to fix. How do you change the menu without alienating existing customers? Being the best at making unhealthy, inexpensive food may in the short term be a better position than being not-so-good at making more healthy food.

So it got me thinking- what could McDonald’s do that would open it up to more consumers, without alienating the existing diners? Here are my thoughts so far.

  1. The obvious is add a veggie burger. Burger King has one, and it’s decent. McDonald’s may have the additional problem of figuring out how to cook it on a griddle. Burger King uses flame broiling (although I do not know if they flame broil the veggie burger).
  2. Offer vegan cheese.
  3. Offer a darker green than iceberg lettuce as a sandwich topping.
  4. Offer kale chips.
  5. Deep fried vegetables are probably not really healthy, but would at least be a higher-fiber item on the menu.
  6. Make the oatmeal healthier and offer it all day.
  7. Make the food fresh by eliminating chemicals and preservatives, and whatever the seven ingredients are in the oatmeal. It should be just oatmeal.
  8. Offer pretzel rolls, just because I like them.

How To Make McDonald's Healthier, McDonalds in Philadelphia

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