My Wish List for the Centrum Building

Brewed and Pressed, West Village Dallas

On my morning walk, I headed for the streetcar turnaround in West Village. The weather is improved somewhat today from the sweltering days of summer. People are milling around here and there, exercising and dog walking. Still, the lack of people out and about in this, the most walkable part of Dallas is dumbfounding. The density here has increased dramatically in the past half-dozen years and it has me thinking that exploring one’s own neighborhood may be an acquired custom.


I did notice a new coffee shop nestled in-between clothing stores along McKinney Avenue. Several people were sitting outside of Brewed and Pressed, and I could see more inside. I think that makes three coffee shops in this small mixed-use area.

Back in Oak Lawn, I headed to the Centrum Building to get another look at renovation progress there. On this side of the neighborhood, they are building a number of high-density residential buildings, but there so far isn’t any mixed to it. It’s all single-use. The Centrum Building is a mixed-use building- and has been under-utilized for many years. With a little luck, that will change with the new look.

Ongoing Renovations at the Centrum Building DallasAll the heavy granite and tinted glass was a problem, as was the entrances not facing the street. It looks like much of that is changing. A corner of the building at Welborn and Cedar Springs housed a restaurant for a few months a couple years ago. It was high-end, it wasn’t apparent how to enter. To me, this space is perfect for a coffee shop. There will be plenty of apartment buildings nearby to support it.

I’ve lived in both New York and San Francisco, so if you are familiar with those cities you may guess that the other item on my wish list is a bodega. While that may be a little too unpretentious for Dallas, perhaps a new concept opening on the Uptown side of Cedar Springs could be repeated. It’s billed as a “food hall” and promises to consist of a market space with multiple vendors. The open interior of the Centrum retail area seems ideal for this sort of thing. (see article in Culture Map)

Oh, and let me throw in LA Fitness while I’m wishing.


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