Navigating Dallas Post Plastic Bag Fee

plastic bags in trees in Dallas

Dallas no longer has a five cent plastic bag fee. It was a short five month progressive renaissance, a brief respite from litter. There was an option to outright ban the bag, but instead city leaders voted to nix the tax and return to plastic as normal.

No, there is no requirement to use plastic. And hey some stores, ALDI for example, even chooses to charge for bags. Still, a tax or ban comes with the encouragement necessary to get many to do the right thing and forego the harmful convenience.

I’m curious if Walgreen’s will continue to use paper, or return to plastic. A clerk at Trader Joe’s told me their store was exempt from charging the fee because it had been able to prove their bags were renewable.

Look for a return to plastic bags hanging from trees, hiding in bushes and blowing in the wind near you.

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