New Review of “Our Own Day Here”

SCN editor’s recently-published e-book, Our Own Day Here, has now garnered its second review, by Seattle cycling icon Kent Peterson, and of course you can read it on his blog by clicking here. He includes a link to the book’s Amazon page for Kindle users, but the book is available for Nook, Kobo, and Apple devices as well, via links on my portfolio site.

But you don’t need a special e-reader to read the book; all of the sales sites (except Apple) offer apps that will let you read it on a computer, tablet, or phone. And the Smashwords site also offers a PDF version for those who prefer to keep it basic.

We’re also very happy that Empty Mirror Books has published an excerpt|AMP|mdash;a complete essay, making for a nice sample|AMP|mdash;on its own website here.

And we’re only a few weeks away from a print-on-demand paper edition, which we will of course announce on this blog once it is ready.

Our Own Day Here explores the perils and pleasures of urban culture, with an emphasis on transportation. And there’s a bit of politics and economics thrown in to spice things up. You just might like it very much|AMP|hellip;.

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Rick was born in Argentina but grew up in Los Angeles, and has lived most of his life in Hollywood. He also spent several months living in Montmartre, in Paris, France, one of the most delightful as well as effective human scale communities anywhere, and now resides in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles, a high-density and eminently walkable neighborhood where nearly his every need is within a twenty-minute stroll of the apartment. He maintains the Bicycle Fixation Webzine and Urban Ecology Forum; you may see them You may visit portfolios of his writing, photography, and web design work at