New Urbanism Film Festival Meets CNU at Dallas

LA-based New Urbanism Film Festival will be in Dallas for CNU 23, the Congress for the New Urbanism. The festival screens short and feature-length films addressing issues and perception of urban life from a variety of angles, from wonky toe wacky, and concentrates on the many exhilarating positive developments in urban planning, including guerrilla urbanism, that have burgeoned over the last decade. From bikes to road diets to pedestrian plazas and beyond, the New Urbanism Film Festival covers it. Over 200 films have already been entered for this year’s festival, to take place in Los Angeles in October; get a taste of it in Dallas if you’ll be there.

The festival also offers events such as bike rides, walks, and neighborhood explorations (Dallas will see a Pastry Walk!), so it’s more than just movies. Click on the image for more:

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