On Music Streaming

For some time I have been a fan of Pandora, the music streaming service. Spotify also has its advantages. Some time ago I downloaded TuneIn to my phone, but didn’t use it much. Recently after replacing my phone, I downloaded it again, this time discovering it could also be used on my desktop. I turned on WQED in Pittsburgh. I left the house and came home to fine the music still “streaming.” Yes, I realize this is a waste of energy and something I shouldn’t do. I remember in Pittsburgh how owners of unoccupied homes would leave radios on inside to deter burglars. Upon returning it struck me that the music hadn’t stopped in order to ask if I was still listening and I noted the welcome break in the music by BBC news headlines. Radio was being rediscovered as something new. Perhaps just as many are rediscovering vinyl over other formats, maybe the value of radio has been hidden behind subsequent technological manifestations.

A side note: Someone recently complimented how good the sound was on my new phone, to which I commented, almost as good as a transistor radio circa 1965.

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