Plastic Bag Bans Live On

Plastic Bag Bans Austin, Photo

It looks like at least some efforts to stop Californification in Texas will fail. Republicans in Texas may like local control when it comes to the federal government, but that doesn’t mean Texas cities can start enacting “California-style” laws locally. A plastic bag tax in Dallas is one example that isn’t sitting well with Governor Greg Abbott and some Austin legislators.

It does appear however that efforts to stop the bans and end the tax fell flat. The Dallas Morning News reports that efforts to stop the plastic bag bans and fees haven’t gained traction in the House or Senate despite Governor Abbott’s bully pulpit efforts to do them in.

Eleven Texas cities have ordinances regarding plastic bags, including Dallas and Austin. Dallas imposes a 5 cent fee on the bags. Since then reports say use is down. Walgreen’s switched exclusively to paper, which also comes with a fee.

I’m happy to pay a nickel for a paper sack.

Plastic Bag Bans Austin, Photo


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