Prius Taxis Now Prominent on Urban Landscape

Prius taxi in Vancouver

If you are like me, you remember when Checkered Cabs dominated the urban landscape. Those vehicles, manufactured in Michigan by the Checker Motors Corporation, remain the most well-known of vehicles used for taxies.  The Checkered Cab ended production in 1982, and the Ford Crown Victoria became the most widely used vehicle for taxi service sometime after it’s first production year of 1992. Ford, however, ended production of the car in 2012, and it doesn’t seem to have taken quite as long for the Toyota Prius to become the most widely-used vehicle for taxis.

Crown Victoria Taxi in New York City

The Prius taxi was widely used when I was in New York last fall, and while I haven’t noticed them yet in Dallas, they seemed to be the overwhelming choice for taxi service in Vancouver Canada. I pay attention to what cars taxi companies use since they have the incentive to choose a reliable model. Of course, the Prius has an added benefit of being fuel efficient. If you must have a car, this is probably a very good choice.

If you plan to make a living driving for Uber or Lyft, all the more reason to choose this model. I imagine the total fuel savings of switching all taxis from a Crown Victoria (17mpg city) to a Prius (51 mpg city) is significant.

Prius Taxi in Vancouver

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