Representing the communities of organized labor, this site covers a wide variety of topics, including economics, pay disparities, aging issues, family values, and the real rising-tide-lifts-all-boats effects of high wages and environmental protection practices on local economies.

American Public Transit Association
A wealth of information about public transit.

Arizona Reporter
Phoenix-based webzine featuring stories and features from all Arizona.

Bicycle Fixation
Bicycles, urban sustainability, suburbia, community, and our future.

Breathing Earth
Elegant presentation details carbon emissions of every country on Earth, plus live births/deaths and carbon-emission counter for the planet as a whole.

Carfree Cities
A site examining the problem of the car in urban society, and offering solutions

The Conscious Consumer
The Center for a New American Dream presents a compilation of sources for environmentally-friendly and socially-nurturing goods and services in this handsome and thoughtful website.

Edible Weeds
Eat dandelions! (Well, the greens, at least.) Make that damn lawn useful! Lots of good stuff in them, and they’re everywhere. Free food!

The Greenbelt Alliance
San Francisco Bay area citizens’ group dedicated to land conservation.

Indie Bound
Find reads at your local independent bookstore, or order online from a community brick-and-morter bookshop somewhere else if your own neighborhood doesn’t have one.

Livable Cities
Works to enhance the well-being of inhabitants of cities and towns, strengthen community, improve social and physical health, and increase civic engagement by reshaping the built environment of our cities, suburbs and towns.

Market Street Railway
Bringing the streetcars back to San Francisco!

The Objectivist
Individualism, objectivism, and more, inspired by Ayn Rand’s writings on social and economic behavior.

Pedestrian Culture
A portal for place-based research and creative projects, focused primarily on the humble and revolutionary act of walking.

Penny Postcards
Archive of scans of old penny postcards, arranged by US state and city. See what your town looked like 50 to 100 years ago!

Locate all the polluters in your city, town, or state–PlanetHazard uses information from the EPA to map over 86,000 companies throughout the United States that emit hazardous air pollutants.

The Preservation Institute
Going beyond “progressive” and “conservative” to what really works.

Project for Public Spaces
Parks, plazas, and civic squares; transportation and livable communities; public buildings and civic design; public markets and local economies; and much more on this extensive website.

Rocky Mountain Institute
Rocky Mountain Institute is an independent, entrepreneurial, nonprofit organization thta fosters the efficient and restorative use of resources to make the world secure, just, prosperous, and life-sustaining.

Directory of links to timetables for public transport entities the world over. Includes urban and long distance rail, airlines, buses, ferries, ships, and more.

Transit Villages
All about current and future transit-oriented development and how it makes your life happier.

Unsung Monuments in the Monumental City
A gallery of antique to modern paving types–from wood block to cobblestone to brick, and more–as discovered in lost corners of Baltimore’s streets.

Urban Art & Antiques
Through travels to galleries, museums, flea markets and antique shows, we trace the history of civilization through art and antiques. Collecting, viewing and simply enjoying art and antiques fill the pages of this site.

The Urban Renaissance Institute
Dedicated to helping cities and their regions flourish.

The Urban & Economic Development Group, presenting reports and analyses of sustainable deveopment in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, including design guides and news of sustainable projects on the ground. Comprehensive, humane, and practical.

USA population Map
Population of the US from 1790 on, with other info.

Victoria Transport Policy Institute
A wealth of papers and statistics covering all aspects of transportation policy, including automobile subsidies, transit benefits, and more.

A handy little online app that calculates the walkability of a neighborhood–good for comparative analyses, or if you’re looking for a good place to move to.

Zero Carbon House
The Zero Carbon House is a low energy demonstration project to show how renewable energy can create a unique living experience on a remote island in a severe climate.

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