Rights Endowed According to State: Should You Move?

Moving to Canada? Maybe not, but should you move to another state? The prospect of a return to state control means many of us will have to carefully consider the political implications and practical impact of the place where we live. The election of Donald Trump to the presidency brings with it the prospect of several conservative Supreme Court appointments. The potential power shift over reproductive rights, same-sex marriage laws, and other issues could indeed swing back to state control regardless of the president’s personal opinion on the topics.

For me, I must ask myself whether Texas is likely to be a good place to live in the future. Indeed, it could become quite hostile. The sad part of this is that in such a divided country, the need to begin segregating along political lines isn’t going to help much. If diversity does breed economic growth, it’s also not going to help any in that regard.

Unfortunately, it is where we stand at this point in history. Sure, we have to hope for the best. We also need to plan for what could be coming and continue to advocate for an open, tolerant America where rights “endowed by our creator” are universal and extend beyond state borders.

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