What is street food? Street food is good food that’s not fancy. It’s a great meal you can order quickly, yet without feeling like you’re supposed to leave fast. It’s food the locals usually know about–food that you don’t feel strange eating by yourself, but are always glad to reveal to a special friend. Street food costs less than $10 per person. You order it at the counter, or at least pay for it there.

Abe’s Place (Seattle)
Altoona’s Famous Hot Dog (Altoona, PA)
Black Dog Coffee (Los Angeles)
The Blue Plate Special (Madison, WI)
Breakfast at Dari-Villa (Bellevue, PA)
Bronx Pizza: A Taste of the Big Apple in San Diego (San Diego)
Brozers (Tokyo)
Cheap Korean Eats in the Mission (San Francisco)
The Convenience Cuts of Rosenberg’s Delicatessen (San Francisco)
Dim Sum on Lake Erie (Cleveland)
Döner: Born and “Bread” in Berlin (Berlin)
Eat-a-Pita (Los Angeles)

A Five Dollar Burger and a Piece of San Francisco (San Francisco)
KK Cafe (San Francisco)
Lithium (East Hollywood)
Massimo’s Mudspot (Miracle Mile, Los Angeles)
A Neighborhood Retreat on the Park(Pittsburgh)
The Neighborhood Taste of Sergio’s (Avalon, PA)
Ode to a Greasy Spoon (Washington, DC)
The Original Perfect Hamburger (San Francisco)
Pea Soup, Please (Vancouver)
Pierogie: Cleveland’s Treat
Pink’s of Hollywood (Los Angeles)
Red’s Java House: Nothing’s Changed and Nothing Should (San Francisco)
Spitak (Los Angeles)
Zankou (Los Angeles)

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