Houston Holds its Own

The cashier at a CD store in Houston was coughing and sneezing. Are you ok? Someone asked. “Just my allergies,” he replied. “It isn’t the first time I said it: people don’t move to Houston for their health.” Houston is a city some people, including those in much of Texas, love to hate. It just […]

It Has Come to Soylent

I was fascinated after reading an article in The New Yorker, so I ordered Soylent. No, its probably not The End of Food. While Soylent could replace food entirely, its creators say its more likely that it will replace those quick, bad meals with a complete and filling nutrition drink.  You’ve heard the phrase some […]

On Gluten

A funny clip went around on Facebook yesterday in which Jimmy Kimmel asks people who avoid eating gluten what it is. No one seems to know. I shared the link on Facebook, and it seems the hubbub is chalked up either to marketing, or  companies following consumers into the fad. Gluten of course is a real problem […]

Steady Decline Continues In Land Devoted To Farming

The 2012 Census of Agriculture released today shows a nationwide drop in land devoted to agricultural production from 922 million acres in 2007 to less than 915 million acres. This reduction continues a downward trend that has resulted in a 72 million acre decrease of land in agriculture since 1982. States with the largest percentage […]

Paving the Planet: Cars and Crops Compete for Land

(by Lester R. Brown) As the new century begins, the competition between cars and crops is intensifying. Until today, the paving over of cropland has occurred largely in industrial countries, home to four fifths of the world’s 520 million automobiles. But now, more and more farmland is being sacrificed in developing countries with hungry populations, calling […]