Houston Holds its Own

The cashier at a CD store in Houston was coughing and sneezing. Are you ok? Someone asked. “Just my allergies,” he replied. “It isn’t the first time I said it: people don’t move to Houston for their health.” Houston is a city some people, including those in much of Texas, love to hate. It just […]

Screening of The Human Scale

The Human Scale

A screening of the new film The Human Scale last night at Main Street Garden in Dallas brought out a hearty crowd. Patrick Kennedy of the North Texas Chapter of Congress for a New Urbanism posted that he expected 50, but 250 or so showed. “Then I worried people would leave but nobody budged,” Kennedy […]

Texas International

Houston’s City-State Status

Cities, Slicker, an article in the May issue of Texas Monthly┬áponders the developing importance of Houston and other cities given political stalemates at the national level and sparse resources at the state level. Cities may be becoming the more significant economic and political entity. Moreover, Houston may be on its way to Megacity status and […]