Pittsburgh in a Few Words

If you were to describe Pittsburgh in one word, what would it be? Eclectic Nicholas Kyriazi Biomedical Engineer, NIOSH Divided Adelle Wright Manager of a tax credit retirement residence Green Joe Hredzak Engineering Analyst Quirky Eric Miller New Colonist Editor If someone told you they were moving to Pittsburgh, what advice would you give them? […]

Suburban in a Good Way

(By Eric Miller) It’s hard to think of suburbs in a good way, associated as they are with sprawl, and derided as contributors to the fall of America’s cities. But places like Ben Avon, a strolling community with grand homes and tree-lined sidewalks, cannot be denied their livability and orderly attraction. Like other early suburbs, […]

Cedar Ave Deutschtown

If We Change It, They Will Come

After living in the shadow of mass clearance projects for the last half-century, a small neighborhood on the North Side of Pittsburgh has bucked the bureaucratic current, transforming itself into an increasingly coveted cluster of Victorian homes by using a completely different renewal approach: One House at a Time. After the downtown area of Allegheny […]

Three Rivers the World Avoids

[Originally published in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review] I recently engaged a group of folks in an email discussion on why Pittsburgh lacks significant numbers of foreign immigrants. I was accused of not knowing anything about Pittsburgh (even though I lived most of my adult life there), was told Pittsburgh is diverse because of the variety of […]