By Richard Risemberg February, 2003–Recently, Los Angeles suffered another outbreak of stadiumitis (medical name is subsidy entitlement delusional disorder). It’s a disease that causes rich people to run around City Hall screeching repeatedly that if they are only given money, tax breaks, and infrastructure improvements in exchange for building a private, for-profit stadium, the city […]

Play It Again. . . .

While New York City has been pretty boldly moving ahead in making the Big Apple safer and more convivial, with bike lanes, traffic calming, transit enhancements, and such grand successes as the liberation of Times Square from death squads of manic drivers, here on the Left Coast, Los Angeles has moved with only the greatest […]

Nash Farm, Grapevine

Rebuilding Grapevine

The title I chose for this article is intentionally misleading. The Dallas suburb of Grapevine, Texas, is not in immediate need of rebuilding. Most folks would say it’s doing just fine–it’s been named one of the region’s best suburbs quite frequently. Moreover, while there are plans to add to it, there are no plans to […]