Houston Holds its Own

The cashier at a CD store in Houston was coughing and sneezing. Are you ok? Someone asked. “Just my allergies,” he replied. “It isn’t the first time I said it: people don’t move to Houston for their health.” Houston is a city some people, including those in much of Texas, love to hate. It just […]

Austin’s Boomtime

Austin is booming. I drove into the city Saturday and even someone from Dallas, which is no stranger to explosive development, can say “wow.” There’s definitely also an energy there, that I assume is coming from the clash of cultures, a relative affordability and troves of techies moving in from San Francisco. Plus there’s the […]

Nash Farm, Grapevine

Rebuilding Grapevine

The title I chose for this article is intentionally misleading. The Dallas suburb of Grapevine, Texas, is not in immediate need of rebuilding. Most folks would say it’s doing just fine–it’s been named one of the region’s best suburbs quite frequently. Moreover, while there are plans to add to it, there are no plans to […]

Altoona’s Famous Hot Dog

There’s something about using the name of another city or state to get people to buy your product. Philadelphia is used a lot, and so is New York. Still, it’s odd to be wandering through the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania and see a place called Texas Hot Dogs. Texas is a good name for a […]