Taking to, Taking on, Taking Over and Taking in Texas

Taking in Texas at the Alamo

If you haven’t heard yet, Texas wants to relocate its share of gold reserves from New York to Austin. This may just be a business move, but if it’s just about everything else that happens, it’s likely to spawn a “theory” or two and raise a few eyebrows. If you don’t believe me just Google Jade Helm. Everyone here knows Blue Bell ice cream trucks are being used for military operations and recently shuttered Wal-Marts will be used for prison camps. If you are like many other Texans, you also may be expecting a Lone Star currency soon.

Or take the fact that Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush recently sent out a press release indicating that the United Nations is not taking over the Alamo.

And guess what the most Googled search term in Texas is? If you guessed Ebola Conspiracy, you would be correct.

The barrier of entry for news has certainly been lowered in recent times, but somehow Texans-including many officials- are more susceptible than internet bowsers in other states to believing nonsense. And somehow the presence of all these unorthodox theories hasn’t kept the world at bay. On an economic level, it would be a hard argument to make that Texas isn’t the future.

This brings to line the lyric from a Billy Joel Song. “You may be right. I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic youre looking for..”

The world is taking to Texas, and who knows, it may finally just be a matter of which flag finally flies over the Alamo.

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