Five Things You can Do to Make Life More Interesting

Vintage Jewelry at Vintage Garage Chicago

Tired of Facebook? Does a trip to the discount store get you down? Do you feel on the usual side? Do visitors to your home have nothing that screams “you” to notice. You don’t have to settle for all the ordinary things you can click and buy now. Check out these suggestions for changes you can make now to be engaged and make life more interesting.

Things You Can Do To Make Life More Interesting:

1. Find and buy art

You’ve been to a museum, right? Lots of interesting people there. Lots of art too. Guess what, you don’t have to be on the board of a large corporation to buy art. Art is being made by lots of people right around you, and they would benefit from your support. Buying art means engaging with lots of interesting people at galleries, openings and studio tours. There’s no reason to have bare walls- or worse, stuff from Ikea hanging there. Get out there! be confident. Buy what you like. Don’t yet your walls scream “I’m boring.”

2. Switch from files to records and compact discs

You do know its illegal to “share” music files right? Well its still ok to lend a friend a compact disc. Music downloads from the computer leave behind the whole culture of records and record stores. The culture of local music is also often centered around these stores. Plus records and cds come with pictures and lyrics and you won’t lose them if your computer crashes. Most cds and even vinyl records now come with downloads for your portable devices. And you can sell the ones you’re tired of!

3. Replace department store furniture with antiques

Older things, especially those made by hand, give you a lot more to talk about. If they are family pieces, they bring back certain memories. Even if you don’t know much about them, someone else does and that learning venture can be pretty fun. There’s also the story of how you came upon an item, whether it be a fancy show, dusty antique store, roadside flea market or amazing estate sale. There’s just not much to say if you chose it from the Pottery Barn catalog. It’s also a green thing to do, especially if you buy it locally.

4. Add vintage accessories

Dressing in period vintage isn’t for everyone. In fact you may be pegged as downright odd if you don’t pull it off just right. There’s nothing particularly wrong with being odd, but it’s easy to come off as interesting when you accent your outfit with vintage items. This can be anything from a scarf, hat, purse, jewelry belt, belt buckle or even glasses. Yes, you can buy an old pair of glasses and have prescription lenses inserted. The cost savings will allow room for a second or third pair. Think sunglasses.

5. Shop locally, eat locally

I’ve been getting more and more annoyed lately with corporate slogans at stores and restaurants. Are you really glad I am here today? Do you really want me to be well? You can avoid all that by seeking out local stores, and a great place to start is a farmer’s market. Imagine being able to ask questions about vegetables and get answers from the people who grew them! Plus there are often entrepreneurs selling sauces, wine and other items. Each one represents someone’s passion and they are all too happy to share that passion. And you know what? It just may rub off on you.

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