Views of LA: All The Things I Hadn’t Seen Before

An entire day can be taken up waiting in traffic in Los Angeles. We were aware of this when we headed out for a one-day trip west.

The opportunity to see the new Broad Museum was probably the clincher that took us to LA over other destinations. I hope the Jean-Michel Basquiat show stays up for a while because, while traffic wasn’t an issue, the three-hour wait kept us away. Standing at the entrance, we faced a decision. Spend three hours waiting or see something else.

You know what? I’d never been to the Getty either.

First, however, we began to search around on his phone for a good place to eat. To me what’s in front of me can be most attractive. A restaurant called Otium was right next door, and I couldn’t be happier with my food. It was healthy, original, served family style and quite delicious!

Angels Flight, LAA few hours before I had mentioned Angels Flight, an incline in downtown Los Angeles. I had been here before but didn’t know quite where it was. Luck had it that we unknowingly parked the rental car beside it. Years back, I had seen it from the bottom. Unfortunately, it was not running, so we couldn’t take advantage of what has got to be the city’s best bargain at 50 cents a ride.

Oh, what I said about people leaving LA on weekends. You couldn’t tell from the lines at the Getty. We were forced into overflow parking and then faced a significant line for the tram to take us to the top of the hill. Perhaps I shouldn’t admit these things, but I bet I enjoyed the landscapes of Théodore Rousseau more than I would have enjoyed Basquiat.

The Hollywood sign was also on the agenda. I had read one of the best places to see it was from Griffith Observatory. You can see it from there, and can probably get closer if you are willing to hike. But it’s not so easy to get a good shot of it. Here is a view of downtown from the other side of the building. I was rediscovering the fish-eye lens (no kidding!).

Chinese Theater Los Angeles

The Chinese Theater was another stop. That and the Hollywood Walk of Fame and handprints.

Finally, what was perhaps my favorite destination, Amoeba Records on Sunset Boulevard. It really takes me back! A young girl in my office recently asked me “who wants cds?” Me of course! All these stickers on the wall reminded me of what the world was like before social media. This is how you got the word out!

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Amoeba Records Los Angeles


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